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Theater Fuusikaden's young theater talent support
Promising Company Kakushinhan

  • Organization : Theater Fuusikaden
  • Section : Project for improvements in the creative environment
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


Small drama playhouse Theater Fuusikaden chooses a promising young theater group from amongst those producing quality work, and provides them with a year’s worth of support under a project called “Promising Company”.
Support takes the form of modest expenses for holding long-run performances of up to a month, executing other multiple performances during the year, and implementing pre-event activities ahead of performances. Moreover, the activities of the selected troupe are publicized via the theater homepage and social networks.
Selected for 2016 was Theatre Company Kakushinhan. This talked-about group lends a young sensibility to daring reconstructions of William Shakespeare’s plays. As well as being endorsed by Shakespeare translator Kazuko Matsuoka, the group is followed by a young audience who have never seen Shakespeare. Theater Fuusikaden believes supporting young theater group activities will also lead to a wider audience for Shakespeare’s works.


Theater Fuusikaden
A small theater designed to stage performing arts, primarily theatrical productions. Aside from the normal business of renting out the building, on the theatrical side the group rolls out projects aimed at further developing the theatrical world and exploring new possibilities. It does this through the support of young talent, selecting gifted young theater groups and providing financial support for long-run performances; and organizing the staging of quality adult plays at their own theater, etc.


Sayoko Nasu
General Manager
Theater Fuusikaden
2-1-10, Nakaochiai, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 161-0032


Theater Fuusikaden(Shinjuku City, Tokyo)