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Art Brut Tachikawa 2016

  • Organization : Art Brut Tachikawa Executive Committee
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Visual Art / Media Art


In October, Art Brut Tachikawa 2016 will exhibit roughly 60 works at the Special Room and Gallery Square at Isetan Tachikawa. Art brut by people with disabilities exhibits the ultimate expression of pure, innate creativity, filling spectators with an inimitable sense of wonder. By bringing that stirring experience to a broader audience, Art Brut Tachikawa aims to create a deeper appreciation of the expressive capacities and limitless imaginative power in all of us.
The Executive Committee, a group of local residents, is working with a wide variety of companies, organizations, individuals, government agencies, social welfare councils, and Isetan Tachikawa—all united in the Committee’s vision—to bring an art brut exhibition to life. Through the Art Brut Tachikawa program, the Committee is determined to help people with disabilities become vibrant parts of society.


Art Brut Tachikawa Executive Committee
The Art Brut Tachikawa Executive Committee was created on February 1, 2015.
Aiming to bring “art brut” (“outsider art” created by untrained artists via self-taught or unique methods) to a wider audience, the Art Brut Tachikawa Executive Committee is a civic activity organization comprising members living and/or working in Tachikawa City.
The Committee comprises administrators (the Committee Chair, Committee Vice-Chair, Secretary-General, Accountant, and Accounting Auditor), committee members, and advisors. Art Brut Tachikawa 2016 will feature works by artists with disabilities.


Yukari Matsuzaki
Art Brut Tachikawa Executive Committee


Department tachikawa Isetan (Tachikawa City, Tokyo)