What we do

Baobab re-creation tour “The tower of shoedust”

  • Organization : Baobab
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Dance


As for its tenth production, Dance company Baobab takes on the challenge of creating a work focusing on the sense of distance and connection between street dance and other forms of dance by uncovering new physical expression and examining the points of difference.
Baobab is attempting to develop its better production management which could be adapted to different venues on tour, without losing the quality of work, and with gaining inspirations from each local contexts, and intending to develop its career capable to do the international performance tour in the future.


Wataru Kitao is a leader of Baobab, who is responsible to choreograph and direction of Baobab’s whole works, working along with Fuyuko Mezawa (producer/dancer) and Saori Yoneda (dancer). Every work he involves various performers whoever dancers or actors and enables them dance regardless of experience or ability. Baobab’s works is characterized by Kitao’s indigenous-influenced, original choreography unbound by existing genres.


Fuyuko Mezawa
company manager
E-mail: baobab.k08@gmail.com


Kichijouji theater (Musashino City, Tokyo)