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Tokyo Gen’On Project Concert, Archive

  • Organization : Tokyo Gen’On Project
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Long
  • Art Forms : Music

Outline of the project

The world of contemporary music in the 21st century is one in which more and more new forms of expression create an increasing number of works; however, it still takes time for the latest trends to hit Japan. There are also many historic pieces from the 20th century which are not performed in Japan due to their difficulty to perform. Furthermore, with the exception of a few composers, there is practically a small number of contemporary music from Japan being introduced overseas. The Tokyo Gen’On Project formed in 2012 is an ensemble that continues to challenge this situation from its members’ own perspective as musicians and performers, showcasing quality works from both inside and outside Japan.

For this two-year project, the ensemble produces three types of concert. One of the types is planned as the first concert of a newly established series, “Critic’s Selection” in which leading critics/ scholars are commissioned to make program. “Critic’s Selection” (#07) on the theme of ‘politics and music’ featured a selection by musicologist Yuji Numano of works probing the root questions of music making. These are works that examine music’s relationship with society, or ruffle society’s feathers in some way. The second is the members’ choice series, “Musician’s Selection”. Tuba player Shinya Hashimoto supervised programming for concert #8, which presented the full potential of the tuba in performances ranging from electronic playback with zero performers to a quintet. The third series is the “Composer’s Selection”. For concert #09, the ensemble succeeded in inviting renowned and still-progressive contemporary composer Jo Kondo to oversee this fourth installment in the series.
In addition, the editing and archiving of the video recordings of these performances leaves a record of works that are rarely performed, providing a global source of reference as well as worldwide dissemination of commissioned pieces performed by ensembles of saxophone, tuba, percussion instruments, piano and electronics in combinations rare even internationally.

【First year】
1) Tokyo Gen’On Project #07 — Critic’s Selection 1: Numano Yuji
 - Hokutopia Tsutsuji Hall (Kita-City, Tokyo)
 - July 14, 2016
Steve Reich (1936- ): Pendulum Music for 3 or 4 microphones, amplifiers and loudspeakers (1968) Paolo Castaldi (1930- ): Erisa per Pianoforte (1964/67)
Chaya Czernowin (1957-): Die Kreuzung for accordion, alto saxophone, and tuba (1995)*
Christian Wolff (1934- ): Exercise 5 for 2 or more players (1973-4) 
Horaţiu Rădulescu (1942-2008): The Origin for one pecussionist with two bass drums (1997, percussion)★
Joakim Sandgren (1965- ): objets saisis pour saxophone et ordinateur (2011-2012)*
Svetlana Lavrova (1970- ): Gravity for oboe, saxophone and electronics (2013)★
Louis Andriessen (1939- ): Workers Union for any loud-sounding group of instruments (1975)

*: World premiere on this time instrumentation
★: Japan premiere

Tokyo Gen’On Project #08 — Musician’s Selection 3: Hashimoto Shinya
 - Suginami Kokaido Small Hall (Suginami-City, Tokyo)
 - December 19, 2016
Zero: Arima Sumihisa: Hashimoto’s Photoshop for recorded tuba (2016)*
Solo: Matsudaira Yori-Aki: Simulation (1974-75)
Duo: Betsy Jolas: Trois Duos pour tuba et piano (1983)
Trio: Yoshifumi Tanaka: trio-effort (2016)*
Quartet: Christian Wolff: Out-Take (2005)
Quintet: Yûta Bandoh: Jeux II [balls] for ensemble (2016)*

3) Archive

【Second year】
1) Tokyo Gen’On Project #09 — Composer’s Selection 4: Kondo Jo
 - Millennium Hall (Taito-City, Tokyo)
 - January, 2017
James Tenney: Saxony (saxophone with tape-delay system) (1978)
Carlos Sanchez-Gutierrez: KIKAI NO MORI […Ex Machina II] percussion, piano (2009)
Morton Feldman: Durations III (violin, tuba, piano) (1961)
Jo Kondo: Prolegomenary Verses (saxophone, tuba, piano, percussion) (2018)*
Jo Kondo: A Shrub (saxophone, piano, percussion) (2000)

2) Archive


Tokyo Gen’On Project
Founded in Tokyo by musicians who live in (around) Tokyo in 2012, Tokyo Gen’On Project has been committed to “Gendai Ongaku” (Gen’On = contemporary music), proposing a new viewpoint as players through their unique programs focusing on Japan/world premiere, and workshops for young musicians / composers / staff. Current members are; Sumihisa Arima (electronics), Masanori Oishi (saxophone), Yoshiko Kanda (percussion), Aki Kuroda (piano), and Shinya Hashimoto (tuba).


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