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  • Organization : Ayame-no.18
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


Ryo Horikoshi, who has performed onnagata (female) roles in the neo-Kabuki troupe Hanagumi Shibai, takes on the challenge of a mock onnagata play in which the all-male cast performs all female roles.
Dakini, the goddess of desire, had an adulterous relationship with the destruction god Shiva which was discovered by Shiva’s wife, Parvati. Dakini was condemned to the punishment of being pinned beneath a boulder.
Unable to bear the pain, Dakini offered a human girl a reward to cut through the stone with a chisel. In exchange for immortality, the innocent young girl took the chisel in hand, not knowing that her action would bring about an eternal curse.

Writer / Director
Ryo Horikoshi (Ayame-no.18)
Kota Sasaki (Ayame-no.18), Takuya Nihei, Yo Kitazawa, Daisuke Kobayashi, Keisuke Misaizu (all Hanagumi Shibai),
Yusuke Umezawa (Umebou), Tatsunori Wachi, Ryohei Shioguchi, Yoshihiro Kumano (Chari-T Kikaku), Masayuki Tanaka, Kento Mizusawa and others
Takashi Yoshida (Hanahore) and others
Stage director: Ayumu Doi
Lighting: Kaori Minami (LICHT-ER)
Sound: Ryodai Tanaka (Paddy Field)
Production: Mariko Omori, Yuka Kaneko (Ayame-no.18)
and others


The theatre group Ayame-no.18 was launched in 2012 by Hanagumi Shibai actor Ryo Horikoshi.
Based on a foundation of various classical Japanese theatrical forms such as Kabuki, Noh and Joruri, Ayame-no.18 takes a two-sided approach to its creative activity: stealing the essence of the classics and illuminating it in contemporary theatre, and reconstructing classical theatre through a modern sensibility.
In all of its works, the group takes characteristic Japanese sensibilities and aesthetics as themes and produces “Japanese modern” plays. Another unique characteristic is that, like the musical accompaniment in Kabuki and the traditional hayashi accompaniment in rakugo, all of the music in the plays is performed live.


Yuka Kaneko
Chief Producer
3-29-4-804,hyakunincho, shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-0073


Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre(Toshima City, Tokyo)