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SNAC Performance Series

  • Organization : AZUMABASHI Dance Crossing
  • Section : In Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Dance


SNAC Performance Series is a series of art events held since 2013 at the SNAC art space, curated and run by AZUMABASHI Dance Crossing. Like AZUMABASHI Dance Crossing (currently in recess), the series involves the organization and presentation of cutting-edge experimental stage performances that go beyond the genres of dance, theater, art and music. Performances up until now include Norimizu Ameya (theater/art), Megumi Kamimura (dance), Arata Mino (theater/photography), Hippie-b (theater), Wasshoi House (theater), core of bells (music/theater), ASUNA (music), Tokatsu Sports (theater), Kiichi Tachikawa and ju sei (theater/music), and Mariko Okamoto (art/dance). This year’s SNAC features performances by Shintaro Miyazaki, Gen Yoshizumi, Kamimura Megumi, and Shinichi Takashima (the former two in theatre and the latter two in art/dance).


AZUMABASHI Dance Crossing
Since mini-festival AZUMABASHI Dance Crossing began in 2004 as a bringing-together of pioneering physical expression, it has taken on the role of a so-called scramble crosswalk, allowing artists normally active in their respective genres to “cross paths” and interact at Asahi Art Square at the foot of Azumabashi bridge. After 10 years the festival is taking a break for further upgrading, but activities are in development at SNAC as a hub to experience a similar concept on an everyday basis.


Keisuke Sakurai
Program Directer
2-16-1-1F Miyoshi, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0022
E-mail: info◆snac.in
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SNAC (Koto City,Tokyo)