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The Continuous programs for career development of young Arts Managers

  • Organization : Nevula Extra Support
  • Section : In Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Interdisciplinary


This program aims to improve the creative environment for performing arts activities in general, by providing an environment enabling performing arts managers to work continuously and progressively.
The “NEXT Performing Arts Management School” seminars will be held for new, young and aspiring performing arts managers – that is, arts managers at the start of their career. Performing arts managers at the vanguard of the profession will serve as lecturers.
A series of lectures begins in November with the Tomoya Takeda Seminar, which will cover practical forms of arts management to extend the possibilities of performance art. From February the Kako Kishimoto Seminar will provide various information and language-learning tips regarding overseas performing arts and stage production, and from May the Masanori Okuno Seminar will look at communication and publicity.
There will also be a related field study and investigative research on the development of human resources and the labor environment in the performing arts world. A symposium is also scheduled to discuss the ideal situation going forward.
In future, the objective is to establish a specialized intermediary organization that implements improvements to the hiring environment for performing arts managers and conducts their human resources development.


Nevula Extra Support
AKA Next. Based on their belief that art is made possible to function effectively in society not only by artists but by producers as well, Next was established in 2002 to enhance working environment for producers. It has been working on projects such as a flyer distribution service to help reduce producers’ excessive tasks an information website and online newsletter for arts management as well as meetings for performing arts managers to facilitate their networking, discuss and hopefully solve the problems that the performing arts field is faced with.


Kenta Fujiwara
Project Manager
Nevula Extra Support
Kobayashi Building, 7-43-5 Kameido, Koto-ku, Tokyo 136-0071

Tel: +81-3-5628-1325
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Next Meeting Room (Koto City, Tokyo)
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