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New work by Co.Yamada Un

  • Organization : Co.Yamada Un
  • Section : In Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Dance


Co. Yamada Un, a 12-year-old dance company, is the producer of this new performance.
In 2004, the company created “one-piece” performed by five female dancers, which toured around the world and received much aclaim. Ten years after this success, it re-created this work designed for seven male dancers. Satoru Wono composed new pieces of music for this performance, sets and costumes were changed, and the entire cast was changed to men.
In recent years, Co. Yamada Un’s performances have been based on novels and music. Yet for this project, an original dance, titled Jusanya (13 Nights), was created for the 13 dancers for the first time in four years.
Choreographed and directed by: Yamada Un
Music by: Satoru Wono
Performed by: Co. Yamada Un


Yamada Un (choreographer and dancer)
After mastering gymnastics, ballet, and dance, Yamada Un began her career as a choreographer in 1996, and founded her dance company, Co.Yamada Un. Since then, she has performed and hosted workshops in 31 cities in Japan and in 22 cities in 14 counties around the world.
She collaborates with performers in different fields, including music, fine arts, literature, academia, fashion, and the traditional performing arts, and offers choreography workshops to a wide range of performers in drama and opera. In 2014, she received the 8th Japan Dance Forum Grand Prix.


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