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Reigakusha Gagaku Concert no.29

  • Organization : Reigakusha
  • Section : In Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Music, Japanese Traditional Art


Reigakusha presents its modern work compilation of Gagaku. Toward preserving Japan’s traditions into the future, Reigakusha performs classical pieces and also original creations. The program includes Sukeyasu Shiba’s new piece in classical Gagaku Gogyo-choshuraku (premiere), Kazuo Kikkawa’s The Trees: Echoes from the Past premiered in the USA in 2004, as well as a piece entitled Rubicon by an American composer Elizabeth Brown, who was inspired by the sound of Gagaku. Through its millennial history, Gagaku has developed its unique Japanese sound that today touches on contemporary composers’ creativity, making Gagaku more attractive. The event will be a demonstration of the ever-expanding possibilities of Gagaku. There will also be a premiere of Kikimimizukin, by Tamami Tono created on commission as the third installment of Reigakusha’s series “Gagaku series for children,” to nurture cultural sensitivity in future generations.

Starring: Mayumi Miyata, Ko Ishikawa, Hitomi Nakamura, Katsuhiko Tabuchi, Chiaki Yagi, Takeshi Sasamoto, Mika Noda, Kahoru Nakamura, Naoko Miyamaru and others


Established in 1985, Reigakusha engages in Gagaku ensemble performance and research. Led by musical director Sukeyasu Shiba, the group engages in performing existing Gagaku repertoires as well as reviving obsolete numbers and millennia-old musical instruments preserved at the ancient Imperial storehouse, Shosoin. Their repertoires also include contemporary compositions. On the performance front, Reigakusha has been active both in Japan and abroad, partaking in major music events and festivals. Recent activities also include workshops and introductory lectures for school children and other audiences.


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Yotsuya Kumin Hall (Shinjuku City, Tokyo)