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Motohashi Seiichi Photo Exhibition "Tsukiji Fish Market: A People's Town"

  • Organization : Polepoletimes Co., Ltd.
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  • Type of Grant Program : Single


Photographer Motohashi Seiichi is holding a solo exhibition in Tsukiji, the local site where he has made this series. He exhibits the photographs of craftsmanship of intermediate whole sellers who have raised this fish market,business,life,food culture and characteristic townscape,and tells the attraction,the culture and the tradition of this huge and unique market which cannot be seen in any other area in the world.
In cooperation with the old-established space “Tsukiji Merrycab” which has growing with the town Tsukiji,he offers the attraction of trinity of “the town, the field and the people” to the viewers.


Motohashi Seiichi
Photographer,director.He has used the two modes of photography and film to document the lives of ordinary people since the 1960s. His work has received domestic and international acclaim, including the Domon Ken Award for his book Nadya’s Village and the grand prize at the St. Petersburg “Message to Man” Film Festival for “Alexei and the Spring.” 


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