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  • Organization : UPTOWN production / Yamanote Jijosha
  • Section : In Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


Useing Nigorie by Ichiyo Higuchi as a main part of our play, we made a collage-like expression with her other works. We utilized our unique method Yojohan to create the production. Young actors in the company, usually in supporting roles, take the leading roles to create this new production. Not only Ichiyo’s text, but also dance scenes, and short scenes — associated and inspired by her works — are included. The collective whole materializes as a comprehensive image of Ichiyo’s world on stage.
Composition and direction by Masahiro Yasuda
Cast: Marie Ueda, Hodaka Mitsui, Mami Koshiya, Miharu Abe, Eriko Oguri, Yosuke Tani, Ishiko Ishihara, and Chikayo Tsujikawa


Yamanote Jijosha
Is one of Japan’s representative contemporary theatrical companies. Yamanote Jijosha was founded in 1984 by students of Waseda University. Its leader is director Masahiro Yasuda. Since its establishment, the company has looked for the ideal contemporary theater through experimental stages. The company’s base and practice stage is located in Ota Ward, Tokyo. It operated from a philosophy that “A play is none other than a theatrical experience.” This theatrical experience is a physiologic literary image of its director and playwright. All factors of the play, actors, stage settings, lighting, music, and costume, have to serve the experience”


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