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Tambuco Percussion Ensemble - Four Visions: Mexico ⇔ Japan

  • Organization : Tsuda College
  • Section : In Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Music


Tambuco has debuted a number of new pieces created by famous composers. As part of their project to commission new works called “Tambuco=Young Japanese Composors Mexico Residency Project,” four young Japanese composers expected to pioneer the next generation created the works after their stay in Mexico. For the first part of this performance, the ensemble will perform four pieces which debuted in Mexico City in March 2013, including Takumi Ikeda’s La Caverna (sin alegoría), Masamichi Kinoshita’s Les enfants de la mer qui ont perdu la memoire de l’eau II, Tomoko Momiyama’s Moons of Hidden Times, and Toshiya Watanabe’s A Sign. This is an amazing oppotunity to see the original performers play for the first time in Japan.
For the second part of the performance, the ensemble will play well-known works such as Steve Reich’s (b.1936) Music for Pieces of Wood (1973), Leopoldo Novoa’s (b.1958) ?Sábe Cómo e? (1997), Thierry de Mey’s (b.1956) Musique de Tables (1987), and Héctor Infanzón’s (b.1959) El Devenir de la Noche (2012). Each piece will be played on the same instruments or objects (claves, the gacharaca [which is an instrument comprising a wooden rod with grooves in it that is rubbed to create sound], a table, and a marimba). The concert is sure to be enjoyable as a performance of infinite imagination created out of a simple composition.


Tambuco Percussion Ensemble
Ricardo Gallardo, Artistic Director; Alfredo Bringas; Miguel González; Raúl Tudón
Founded in 1993, Tambuco has performed huge numbers of their original repertoires that strike a new chord of percussion music in their concerts and recordings. Their unique programs entertain various types of audiences and they are ranked as the finest and most innovative percusson ensemble in the world. They also perform many pieces of Japanese composors including Toru Takemitsu, Maki Ishii and Jo Kondo. They won the Japan Foundation Awards in 2011 for their contribution of introducing Japanese culture and art to overseas.


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