What we do

New commission work for “The Way Things Do” hosted by Fundació Joan Miró as well as residency at Hangar

  • Organization : Yu Araki
  • Section : International project
  • Type of Grant Program : Single Individual
  • Art Forms : Visual Art / Media Art


In collaboration with artist Daniel Jacoby, we will be producing a new single-channel video installation titled “Mountain Plain Mountain” for “The Way Things Do” exhibition hosted by Fundació Joan Miró.
For the installation version, an automated screen transporter will be specially fabricated with the support of Hangar, Barcelona.

[Short synopsis of the film]
“Mountain Plain Mountain” was shot it in Obihiro, Japan, at the last standing venue to host a rare kind of draft horse races known as Ban’ei. Putting together a mix of motionless, contemplative shots and hard-edge, rhythmical, gibberish-rich montages, the slowness of these bizarre races is twisted to its limit. The overall timeline, thus, mimics the track’s topography poetically described by a veteran trainer as “a small and a big mountain.”


【Daniel Jacoby & Yu Araki】
Daniel Jacoby (1985, Lima, Peru) and Yu Araki (1985, Yamagata, Japan) met in 2010 during a residency at Tokyo Wonder Site (Tokyo). Both their works have been highly influenced by their journeys. Fiction is often used by them as a tool to comprehend the puzzling cultural and socio-political differences across destinations. Their first film made as a duo is “Mountain Plain Mountain” (2017).


Fundació Joan Miró (Barcelona, Spain)
Hangar (Barcelona, Spain)
Jan van Eyck Academie (Maastricht, the Netherlands)