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SOHO21 The 15th Exhibition of Music Works

  • Organization : SOHO21
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Japanese Traditional Art


Hogaku works created by the Soho 21 members–a wide range of Japanese traditional-instrument music in the present-progressive form, transcending existing frameworks and musical types while building on a foundation of traditional Japanese music–will be presented.

(1) “Tsuru: Yakusoku (Crane: promises)” – Dramatized by Tai Kaneko; composed by Yoshijiro Imafuji; hayashi-instrument arrangement by Kisho Tosha
(4) “Shingetsu (Moon Heart/Mind)” – Poem by Yukiko Takemasa; composed by Toshiko Yonekawa
(3) “Nue (Monster Nue)” – Words by Tai Kaneko; composed by Masaki Imafuji, Toru Fukuhara and Chuichiro Matsunaga
(4) “Shin-kyou (Resonant Mind)” – Composed by Chotatsuro Imafuji
(5) Three Pieces of Kenji (from Miyazawa Kenji’s Poem in literary style) – Composed by Eikichi Kiyomoto

Principal performers: the Soho 21 members


Starting in September 1996, aspiring creators from various genres of hogaku (traditional Japanese music) gathered for a series of study meetings, with the aim of carrying on and further developing the tradition of hogaku. SOHO 21 was launched as an organization in January 1997. Recognizing the importance of language in Japanese music, the group established a literary division in March of the same year. They subsequently organized numerous research sessions and trial performances, and in May of 2000 they presented the first concert of their own works. They have given concerts almost once a year ever since. This concert will be the 15th. Once or twice yearly since 2010, the members have also been holding the open class “Sousaku-no-kimo (Vital Points of Creation),” in which they analyze works and suggest approaches to listening from the perspective of creators.




Kioi Small Hall (Chiyoda City, Tokyo)