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Meiji Gakuin Chapel Concert Series 2017,
Guy Bovet Organ Recital

  • Organization : Meiji Gakuin Educational Foundation
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


Meiji Gakuin is one of the oldest Christian schools in Japan, with a comprehensive educational institution from junior high school through graduate school. Founded by Dr. James Curtis Hepburn in 1863, it has its origins from the Hepburn School English Academy in Yokohama. Meiji Gakuin Chapel, designed and built by William Merrell Vories in 1916, was appointed as Tangible Cultural Properties of Minato City and Historic Landmarks Especially Important for the Landscape of Tokyo. Pipe organ concerts of western music with a focus on Baroque music have been held twice or three times a year in this chapel since 2010. This pipe organ, built by reproducing 17th and 18th century techniques, is suitable for playing the music of Bach era.


Guy Bovet
GUY BOVET (born 1942), is appreciated in the musical world as a many-sided, original and cultivated artist, active in many fields. He is constantly on the road travelling to all parts of the world where organs are played, and keeps a busy concert schedule of about 60 recitals per year. He has been Professor of Organ at the Musikhochschule in Basel, Switzerland, from which he has retired in July 2008. He has been honored twice by the Japanese government for his activities as a teacher. He is the chairperson of the Jury of 8th International Organ Competition in Japan.


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