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Baobab direction festival “DANCE×Scrum!!2”

  • Organization : Baobab
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Dance


This is a young contemporary dance festival organized by dance company Baobab. In light of the crisis situation in recent contemporary dance of declining professional activity among young people, the project is aimed at rectifying the current situation, and revitalizing the industry overall. With the provision of new systems and members based on areas of improvement and feedback from the first festival, the purpose is to further revitalize communication between young dancers, and develop an environment for creation and performance. Organizers hope to increase opportunities for the staging of an abundance of young and energetic works.


Leader Wataru Kitao will be in charge of choreography, composition and direction for all pieces. Planning and operation will be conducted together with Baobab members Fuyuko Mezawa (production, dancer) and Saori Yoneda (dancer). Solicited for each work are creative personnel whose talents transcend the boundaries of their roles as dancers or actors. All are asked to dance, regardless of experience or strengths and weaknesses. The project is characterized by original, indigenous-flavored choreography unbound by existing genres.


Fuyuko Mezawa
Company Manager


Owlspot(Toshima City, Tokyo)