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Kirizaki Tsurujo Jiutamai Performance & Special Lecture in Lithuania

  • Organization : Kirizaki Tsurujo
  • Section : International project
  • Type of Grant Program : Single Individual
  • Art Forms : Japanese Traditional Art


For understanding Japanese culture deeply, the contents of this program are not only introducing Jiuta-mai but also the charactristics of Japanese culture and the technique of Japanese traditional body movements.

【Special Lecture】
Performed Jiutamai “Zangetsu (Pale moon in the morning)”, Kamigatamai “Matsuzukushi (All kind of pine trees), Lecture about Japanese traditional method to handle your body. Realize moving from body core and bone structure. It includes not only traditional way of thinking, cherish the harmony, but also the way treating your mind.
Show you how to dress Yukata for Lithuanian People. Try to dance “Sakura Sakura”.

Performed Jiutamai “Zangetsu (Pale moon in the morning)”, Kamigatamai “Matsuzukushi (All kind of pine trees), Talk Show about the characteristics of Japanese culture and Jiuta-mai. And performed Jiutamai “Kurokami (Black hair)”.


【Kirizaki Tsurujo】
Was Disciple of Kanzaki Hidejo, Maestro of “Jiuta-Mai” and “Kamigata-Mai”.
Allowed Master Title “Natori”
Graduated School of Waseda University (Study of Dance, “Mai”)
Established Kirizaki school of Mai
Wrote about “Jiuta-Mai in Tokyo” in the book “World Dance II”
Have many classes in Jiyugaoka, Nihonbashi, Mitsukoshi Culture Saloon
Appeared Many Stages in National Theater and others. By unraveling the technique of Jiutamai, try to find the essence of Japanese way of thinking and feeling.


Kirizaki Tsurujo
Tel: +81-50-3736-8277


Mykolas Riomeris University, Rotonda Hall (Vilnius) / Lithuania National Culture Center (Vilnius) / National Kaunas Drama Theatre (Kaunas)