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Tsugarushamisen KIKI 10th anniversary concert SAISEI in Tokyo

  • Organization : KANAMI TAKEDA
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single Individual
  • Art Forms : Japanese Traditional Art


With the aim of spreading and promoting Japanese traditional culture like folk songs and Tsugaru shamisen, this performance incorporated collaborations with people such as players of Japanese and Western musical instruments and an illustrator, as well as performances of traditional culture, ensuring a program unique to this performance. The first part consisted mainly of live acoustic performances with shamisen, and the second part centered around band performances of pieces using electric shamisen. Organizers made sure the performance appealed to both the eyes and the ears, with carefully-chosen sound effects, lighting and video.
Tsugarujongarabushi, Harunoumi, more
KIKI, Tatsuya Ito,Yasuhito Sakairi, Keisuke Shimada, Eizan Takikita, CHAZ
Production staff
Sound, lighting, video, reception, venue information, etc.


Kiki is an authentic Tsugaru shamisen duo formed in 2008 by Hikari Shirafuji and Kanami Takeda. Both have previously won national competitions.
The duo is active all over Japan, with a focus on the Kanto region. Its repertoire ranges from traditional folk songs to original songs and covers incorporating pop and rock styles.
The two devote their daily life to perfecting a style of expression that combines the unique power of Tsugaru shamisen with feminine finesse. They have notched up 6 wins in the Duo Division at the All-Japan Tsugaru Shamisen Contest in Nagoya.


Move Machiya (Arakawa City, Tokyo)