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Soene Akari Park 2017 Stage program

  • Organization : Executive Committee Secrerariat for Soene Akari Park 2017
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


This event is a stunning, fun-filled light festival focusing on renewable energy, which is increasingly anticipated as the energy of tomorrow. Visitors can experience first-hand a bright future combining Japan’s new renewable energy solutions, “soene” energy creation and energy saving technology, along with the latest optical technology. A variety of exhibits teach visitors about renewable energy, soene and energy conservation. As well as exquisite energy-efficient light installations, the festival offers a fun participatory stage program.
By collaborating with museums near the venue, organizers hope this event will revitalize the local area, as well as deepen the public’s knowledge of and interest in energy issues.


Producer: Motoko Ishii, Lighting Designer
Ishii has overseen the planning and production of the Soene AkariPark festival since 2012. She solicits the participation of leading Japanese museums such as Tokyo National Museum, National Museum of Nature and Science, The National Museum of Western Art, Ueno Zoological Gardens, and Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum for this special outdoor light and sound event, held in the Ueno Park Fountain area of Tokyo’s capital of culture.

【Light installations】
Special Projections (Tokyo National Museum), Color Light-up (National Museum of Nature and Science), Light Tower, Laser Tower, Fountain Light-up, light objets, etc.

【Tent exhibitions】
Soene exhibition tents (event-themed exhibitions), kids’ tents (participatory exhibitions for learning about soene through play), international tents (introducing overseas soene technology and the arts and culture of each country)

【Stage program】
An open stage in the main event space will host a Japanese taiko drumming performance, appearances by “Heaven Artists” (city-authorized street performers) and Young Power Stage events offering song and dance performances by students. The stage lineup also includes a program in connection with foreign embassies exhibiting in the international tents. Each day of the festival will feature stage acts with an international flavor.


Yoko Kanii
Executive Committee Secrerariat for Soene Akari Park 2017
C/O Motoko Ishii Lighting Design Inc. 5-4-11 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0051


Ueno Part fountain area(Taito City, Tokyo)