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In this “echo”-themed interactive exhibition, Akira Hiyama (from the Dialogue in the Dark project), high-tech collective Rhizomatiks Research and fashion designer Kunihiko Morinaga (of experimental label ANREALAGE) have channeled their dialog on the senses into the production of clothing that responds to the space around. Visitors can look forward to the experience of “seeing” the space around them with different senses than vision. In the case of vision, we perceive our surroundings through the process of light being received by the eye and converted into electrical signals. In “echo” the clothing itself emits signals, identifying the space around by measuring distance, and creating a reaction that comes back to the visitor in the form of a vibration, or “echo”. With these “echoes”, the project allows visitors to physically experience and ponder a way of perceiving space they have never experienced before.


【echo project】
This project is an attempt to create new “bodily organs” which emit signals, interpret spatial distance and vibrate. The project is the result of cooperation by Rhizomatiks Research and ANREALAGE with the guidance of Akira Hiyama from the Dialogue in the Dark project. The team has developed “echo wear” items centered on clothes, and an “echo band” device worn on the palm of the hand. The project was launched at Yokohama Paratriennale 2017.


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