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“water and tears” U.S.A. tour

  • Organization : Dantai Seki Kaori
  • Section : International project
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Dance


water and tears (premiere)
The title of this new piece in Japanese is “midu tsu namita”. In the ancient Japanese language “midu” means water, “namita” means “tears,” and the two words are connected with “tsu,” meaning “belonging to.”
I think of the time when the borders between oneself and others were vague.
I imagine the time when there wasn’t an awareness of the self being divided from the other, or even the identification of the self as “one”.
In the way when two glasses of water are blended, you could not tell anymore which part of the water comes from which glass. Even in the present time I recognize myself as a separate being, but know my body contains the same water that all other living creatures have.
The question is, whether or not I regard what lies in front of my eyes as also “me,” or “an extension of me.”

Choreography & Direction: Kaori Seki
Performers: Masashi Koyama, Kaori Seki
Choreographic Assistance: Yui Yabuki
Under study: Kozue Takamiya
Lighting design: Kiyotoshi Endo
Sound direction: Yuji Tsutsumida
Sound operation: Masahide Ando
Technical direction: Chikage Yuyama
Costumes: Midori Hagino
Company management: Kumi Hiraoka, Yoko Kawasaki
Production: Dantai Seki Kaori


Kaori Seki started creating her own choreographic works. Since 2003 her works have been showed in public and in 2013 Seki established her company KAORI SEKI Co. PUNCTUMUN. In her creation process, she explores the physical senses of human being, animals and plants and has created pieces evoking sensory stimulus of the audience using smells and fragrances. Seki was the winner of “the French Embassy Prize for Young Choreographer” at Yokohama Dance Collection EX2012 for “Hetero”, co-choreographed with Teita Iwabuchi. The prize offered her an opportunity of a residency at Centre national de dance contemporaine Angers (CNDC) in France. Received “Next Generation Choreographer Award” grand prix at the Toyota Choreography Award 2012, ELSUR FOUNDATION Award for Young artists (Contemporary Dance Department) 2013 and Japan Dance Forum Award 2016 as well and a Junior Fellow 2014-2017 of The Saison Foundation. As a dancer, she has taken part in works by Ko Murobushi. Recent works: “water and tears” (2018); “Utu ri” (2017); “WO CO” (2016); “Miroedetut” (2014); “Amigrecta” (2013); “Marmont” (2010).


Dantai Seki Kaori / KAORI SEKI Co. PUNCTUMUN
E-mail: contact.punctumun@gmail.com


Fusebox Festival: Ground Floor Theatre (Austin, TX, U.S.A.)
Bridge Dance Festival: Studio A (White Studio), Links Hall (Chicago, IL, U.S.A.)
Open Eye Figure Theatre (Mineapolis, MN, U.S.A.) *talk and demonstration
FlynnSpace, The Flynn Center for the Arts (Burlington, VT, U.S.A.)