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Extra performances FUTAMATA vol.2

  • Organization : Rojick
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


This is the second outing of an omnibus performance
of three thirty-minute pieces by outside screenwriters and directors invited on board by Rojick. For this production, the troupe worked closely with Ei Sugai, Fuki Toriyama and Honoo Horikawa, who primarily work with small theaters. Rojick regularly holds extra performances with the aim of offering audiences, playwrights, directors and actors a new forum for theatrical encounters.


Formed in 2009. Won the award for best direction from Sun-mall Studio in 2013 with their sixth production, “Title ‘Rejection.”
The group’s 8th work “ARAKAWA Kami – killer tune” garnered the troupe the Grand-Prix from the theater web portal CoRich Theater Arts Festival in 2014, as well as the award for best theater company from Sun-mall Studio in the same year. The troupe gave a repeat performance of this prizewinning work in July 2016 at Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre West
and Toyohashi Arts Theater PLAT. Rojick has planned and organized music festival-style theater event Hyper FES five times, developing the event into a new theatrical platform showcasing more than 20 groups. With a resulting close affinity to music the troupe is committed to creating new audiences for theater culture; for example it is the only theater company invited to outside music events.


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