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Meiro Koizumi “Today My Empire Sings”

  • Organization : “Today My Empire Sings” Exhibition Committee
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Visual Art / Media Art


Meiro Koizumi’s new installation made with his new video works, were shown in a dark room with 3 of large screens and high-accuracy acoustic-based system. Audiences surrounded by the beauty of the work confront hidden violence woven in the work as cultural codes such as religion or citizenship. There were two talk events organized during the exhibition period. The first one entitled “Depicted emperor, un-depicted emperor” featured how depicting emperor became taboo in history, and the artist developed a discussion with a political scientist Takeshi Hara and a literary critic Naoya Fujita. On the second event entitled “Do Not Mix, Hazardous- Compatibility of art and taboo “, a painter Makoto Aida was invited to discuss the origin of keep working on pieces that could be considered taboo and eventually create controversies.


【Meiro Koizumi】
Born in 1976. Koizumi held Projects at MoMA and BMW Tate Live at Tate Modern. His works had been included in number of exhibitions internationally, including recent Shanghai Biennale, Asia Pacific Triennial and Sharjah Biennale. He held first retrospective exhibition at Arts Maebashi.


Rika Fujiki
“Today My Empire Sings” Exhibition Committee


VACANT (Shibuya City, Tokyo)