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Community Dance Practitioner Training Course 2018

  • Organization : Communitydance Association Tokyo
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Dance


In modern society with its acceleration of the nuclear family, dual-income working couples, a low birthrate, an aging population and with children playing in a virtual world, we need to create a new community framework through contact with the creative activities of dance in everyday life, in order to open people’s minds and hearts, prevent loneliness and isolation, and to help us keep mind and body healthy in an enjoyable way together with friends and neighbors. Course organizers will invite Diane Amans and Cecilia MacFarlane from the UK as instructors for a four-day intensive course – the first to be held in the Kanto region – designed to train dance artists/community dance practitioners who will be responsible for creating a new community framework addressing the social issues of today.

In related projects, organizers held a networking event as a platform for the formation and interaction of a nationwide network of community dance practitioners; a workshop by voluntary group Big Family Tokyo which served as a course-student-focused foundation for community dance activities in the Kanto region; and an introduction to project site creation and professional-course students, which was designed to give visibility to information regarding the course and community dance in general.


Communitydance Association Tokyo

Jointly launched in 2018 by Big Family Tokyo (or BFT, formed by Kanto course students), Japan Contemporary Dance Network (JCDN) and course advisors based in the Kanto region, the association’s aim was to create a forum for everyone from children to the elderly, regardless of disability, to encounter and experience dance. The association aims to make the most of its members’ experience studying and practicing community dance, in order to create multiple small-scale opportunities that will help make Tokyo a more creative city through dance.


Atsuko Yoshifuku
Communitydance Association Tokyo
4-7-19, Kasuya, Setadaya-ku, Tokyo 157-0063


MORISHISATA STUDIO,Koto City,Tokyo (Community Dance Practitioner Training Course 2018 )
Shinjuku NPO kyodosuishin center , Shinjuku City, Tokyo (Networking Event2019)
Tagayase Okura Day,Setagaya City,Tokyo / Tamarokuto Science Center,Nishitokyo City,Tokyo (Big family Tokyo Workshop)