What we do


  • Section : Project for improvements in the creative environment
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Music


As an annual project offering the opportunity to understand and study the artistic expression of opera from various perspectives, all 19 programs were implemented in a way that matched their themes, and featured guests invited by the company in accordance with those themes. Target participants mainly comprised people currently involved in opera performance (singers, staff and cast, theater staff and media representatives etc.), people who want to be involved in opera in future and people interested in going to see opera. The aim was for all participants to share their knowledge and experience in a neutral environment, and to reaffirm the possibility and potential of opera as composite art.

Program supervisor/navigator: Tetsu Taoshita(Stage Director/Playwright)

Principle guests: Tatsuji Iwata(Stage Director),Daisuke Oyama(Baritone), Masanori Katoh(Composer/Pianist), Akira Miyagawa(Composer), Tatsuya Shimono(Conductor), Motoko Hirayama(Contemporary Dancer・Choreographer), Tomo Sugao(Stage Director),Hiroshi Kuroda(Baritone), Mikiko Suzuki MacAdams(Stage designer), June Iyeda(Stage Director), Masato Takada(Tenor), Ayako Maeda(Costume designer), Masumitsu Miyamoto(Baritone), Takuo Ikeda (music journalist), Hiroko Katoh (music critic), Satoshi Niimi(Fight Director), Naomi Akae(Kanagawa Kenmin Hall), Toshifumi Fukushima (Nissay Theatre), others.


This company is organized by TETSU TAOSHITA, Consisting of staff members of director and production etc. The mission is “Based on the world performing arts, pursue “Artistic” and “Sociality” of the performing arts in contemporary Japan through practice”. In artistic sense, we aim to “Create new classical productions that can be performed even 100 years later”, through the continuous creation of universal works, not “transiently consumed” works. In terms of sociality, we emphasize not only performance, but also the “process” that creates (theater) in each of the producers, performers, and audiences, and develops activities that are conscious of how they engage with society for each project.
Taking advantage of knowledge and experience of TETSU TAOSHITA, who has been involved in many productions in Japan and abroad, we hope to make a high quality work of opera, musical and straight play, and long-term efforts to make development of performing arts. At the same time, we aim for the performance of high-quality work in all over Japan, mainly in Tokyo, to make theater culture well-knowing and improved. Moreover, I am pleased if it can appeal to the world and be able to play for the art culture of Japan.


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