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Yuji Takahashi Portrait Concert II : Prajña Pâramitâ

  • Organization : Yuji Takahashi Portrait Concert Executive Committee
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Music


The 2nd Solo exhibition of works by leading Japanese composer/pianist, Yuji Takahashi, who turned 80 years old. Including early works from the 1960s thought lost, the program interweaves works from recent years and new works. Follow in the footsteps of this 80-year old composer together with the audience.

…fallen fuchsia blossoms… (2010)
Stone (1993)
Metatheses I (1968)
Rosace I ver.2 (1975)
Für Dorsch und Stint (2015)
Nikite (1971)
Prajña Pâramitâ (1968)


Yoichi Sugiyama (producer/conductor)
Studied composition under Akira Miyoshi, Franco Donatoni and Sandro Gorli, and orchestral conducting under Emilio Pomárico and Morihiro Okabe. His work includes commissions for Festival di Milano Musica and the Venice Biennale; chamber music by Tokyo Gen’On Project and artists like Kuniko Kato; traditional Japanese works for both Kazue Sawai and Nanae Yoshimura; and choral pieces for the Philharmonic Chorus of Tokyo. Recipient of the Italian Composer’s Society Award (Premio SIAE), Suntory Foundation for Arts, the Keizo Saji Prize; and the 68th Geijutsusensho Shinjinsho. As a conductor he has worked domestically with Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra and Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra amongst others, as well as conducted premieres etc. for new operatic works at REGGIO EMILIA – TEATRO CAVALLERIZZA. He teaches at Civica Scuola di Musica di Milano “Claudio Abbado.”


Ayako Fukunaga
Yuji Takahashi Portrait Concert Executive Committee
c/o naya collective Ltd.


Tokyo Opera City Recital Hall, Shinjuku City, Tokyo