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  • Organization : Fuusikaden Produce LLC
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


Under small Theater Fuusikaden’s “Promising Company” program, which provides a year of support as a scheme to proactively raise the theater’s visibility, a promising theater company is selected from among young theater troupes creating quality work with an emphasis on drama and narrative.
In 2018 theater officials selected Paradoxconstant, a troupe that creates intense dialogue-oriented theater from in-house playwright Moegi Nogi’s compelling and unyielding plays portraying historical events and famous figures. The theater will stage revised versions of seven outstanding plays written by Nogi in the past.


Moegi Nogi: Paradoxconstant leader, playwright and director
A supervisor of theater club writing/directing from high school onwards, Nogi went on to the Nihon University College of Art, where she established the unit Paradoxconstant while a student. She uses historical facts and actual cases as a framework for the creation of her boldly imaginative narratives. Nogi’s forte is tense dialogue-oriented theater generated by her characters’ intense relationships.
She was the recipient of the 26th Yomiuri Theater Award for Best Director.


Sayoko Nasu
Fuusikaden Produce LLC


Theater Fuusikaden, Shinjyuku City, Tokyo