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Holy Mother in Nagasaki & At Jacob's Well

  • Organization : Public Interest Incorporated Association TESSEN-KAI
  • Section : International project
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Japanese Traditional Art


The year 2019 marked the 150th and the 100th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations with Vienna and Warsaw respectively. Including performances in Paris, Tessen-kai staged two new works appealing for love and coexistence with neighbors plus classical Noh of a highly celebratory nature, in a tour that celebrated friendships between nations and served to stimulate further cultural exchange.

New Noh pieces “Holy Mother in Nagasaki” and “At Jacob’s Well,” classic Noh pieces “Shojo Midare” and “Takasogo,” the Han-Noh piece “Tenko,” and Kyogen pieces “Obagasake” and “Busshi”

Shimizu Kanji, Kanze Tetsunojo, Tonoda Kenkichi, Ogasawara Tadashi, Ogasawara Hiroaki, Matsuda Hiroyuki, Hayashi Hiroki, Iida Seiichi, Shirasaka Nobuyuki, Tanaka Toru, Komparu Kuninao, Jakub Karpoluk, Nina Fog, Krzysztof Szczepaniak, others

Ito Tatsuhiko, Yamaguchi Koh

September 20, 21 Vienna: Odeon Theater
September 24, 25 Paris: House of Culture of Japan in Paris
September 28 Warsaw: Royal Łazienki – Palace on the Isle (Workshop)
September 29 Warsaw: Royal Łazienki – The Royal Theatre


Public Interest Incorporated Association TESSEN-KAI
Established in 1918 and led by the Kanze Tetsunojo family, a branch family founded in the mid-Edo period when Kanze Sakon was the 15th grand master of the Kanze School. In more modern times, under the leadership of Kanze Hisao, eldest son of 7th generation leader Kanze Tetsunojo, the group took a fresh look at Noh from a broader performing arts perspective, receiving high acclaim for a concentrated performance style resulting from the group’s philosophy of placing value on every role. The group has continued with this philosophy since Hisao’s death; under the late 8th generation leader Tetsunojo and the subsequent grand master Tetsunojo 9th, Tessen-kai continues to engage in theatrical projects that resonate with today’s audience, including the reevaluation of ways to direct and produce traditional/existing works.


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Odeon Theater, Vienna, Austria
House of Culture of Japan in Paris, Paris, France
Royal Łazienki – The Royal Theatre, Warsaw, Poland