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DOCU MEMENTO Executive Committee

  • Organization : The 3rd DOCU MEMENTO
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Visual Art / Media Art


This festival set in the former post station town of Shinagawa-juku on the Old Tokaido road offers a program of documentary experiences at venues rooted in the traditional community, including lantern-lit izakayas, book cafes, and 400-year old temples. The documentary is essentially an expressive genre with a close connection to people and society. In the belief that the essence of a documentary cannot properly be conveyed through the one-way medium of television or film, we provide a platform for documentary subject-protagonists and highly-motivated documentary creators to express their stories through images and performance while directly interacting with the audience. The theme for the festival’s third instalment was “listening to voices that are hard to hear,” voices that tend to get buried within society. “Immigrant Karaoke” that opens a window onto the songs of immigrants living in Japan; “Is developmental disability really a problem?” debated by people with developmental disabilities themselves; exchanges with people branded “Terrorists” like Somali pirates and bomb makers: a succession of people confronting diverse social issues took to the stage, laying bare the era of today.


DOCU MEMENTO Executive Committee
The Committee produces video works and runs events for the purpose of suggesting a new approach to the documentary and giving the documentary its place as a cultural force, as well as for the purpose of designing by itself the ideal environment for documentary creators. The annual Docu Memento festival held in Shinagawa-ku in Tokyo was established in 2017. The festival explores new forms of expression linked to society, creating documentaries that offer an interactive experience different from television broadcasts or theaters. As well as expanding video works to television and film, its documentaries also feature on the website of the UK’s Guardian newspaper.


Naoki Yonemoto
Executive Committee member
DOCU MEMENTO Executive Committee


Ichiryu Yataimura, Shinagawa City, Tokyo / Honshoji-Temple, Shinagawa City, Tokyo / KAIDO Books & Coffee, Shinagawa City, Tokyo / ARCO, Shinagawa City, Tokyo / Shinagawa-shuku Idobata, Shinagawa City, Tokyo / Shinagawa-shuku Kouryukan, Shinagawa City, Tokyo / Hinkai Park, Shinagawa City, Tokyo