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Gekidan Awai 4th performance “Dosakusa”

  • Organization : Gekidan Awai
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


This was a restaging at Honda Theater in Shimokitazawa of Gekidan Awai’s debut work, first performed at Waseda Shogekijo Drama-kan Theater in 2018. Following Awai’s first production came dramatizations of the Noh piece “Sumida-gawa” and Shakespeare’s sonnets. Based on the troupe’s experience depicting characters who can only exist in the “awai” (place between) life and death, the past and the present, this revival followed a Noh format while taking the rakugo piece “Sokotsu-Nagaya” as its base like the debut production. By incorporating elements of past works, the troupe has created a work that closes in on the concept of “awai.”

Written and directed by: Kentaro Otsuka
Performed by: Kantaro Matsuo, Sae Takamoto, Takasumi Higashi, Rina Furudate, Yuto Ueda, Hanae Senuma, Nozomi Suzuki
Musical performance: Chiaki Inaba


Gekidan Awai
Established in June 2018, Awai focuses on creative stage pieces modeled on classical Japanese art forms such as rakugo and Noh. Awai’s second production in March 2019 of “Nagareru – From Noh ‘Sumida-gawa’” garnered the troupe the Grand Prix at CoRich Performing Arts Festival 2019. The troupe’s 4th performance “Dosakusa” at Honda Theater made it the youngest company ever to stage a production there. The company is planning a stage revival of “Nagareru – From Noh ‘Sumida-gawa’” at THEATRE E9 KYOTO and Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre’s Theatre East for 2021.


Gekidan Awai


Honda Theater, Setagaya City, Tokyo