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  • Organization : KPR/Kaimaku Pennant Race
  • Section : In Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


Written and directed by Yu Murai
Cast:Takuro Taka.ok.a.saki Nene Okubo G.K.Masayuki Yu Murai Iwa☆Rock Yuki Tomita Shinji Akiyama Hitoshi Asakawa Fumiaki Tanaka Shugo Yamashita Masaru Yamada
Lighting: Ryuichi Okino(RYU CONNECTION)
Sound: Shunsuke Momose(shusa)
Stage direction: Tetsuya Okajima
Costume: Noriko Ono
Video: Kazuki Watanabe
Production: Yorunohate
Key visual design: Toru Higuchi
Special website: Yuji Sasa
Publicity photography: Ryuji Ikemura
Flyer design: Masaru Yamada
Flyer comments: Kentaro Kobayashi

KPR/Kaimaku Pennant Race, whose mission is to seek new theatrical forms, has chosen an all-standing performance style for its latest work. This is “Vake tudo (everything goes)” theater, where audiences are free to eat, drink, record and film as much as they want. A sixty-minute showdown in which the performers abuse the bodies God gave them and envelop the venue in untamed mayhem!


KPR/Kaimaku Pennant Race
Formed in August 2006, this theater company held its first performance in September of that year. It subsequently gave five more performancesin Tokyo between March 2007 and March 2009. KPR’s seventh performance was ROMEO and TOILET, performed in New York City in August, 2009. The production made a triumphal return to Japan in December the same year for the troupe’s eighth stage appearance. March 2010 marked the company’s ninth performance. In November 2011, KPR gave its first regional performance in Sapporo (it’s 10th performance). February 2011 saw its 11th performance, Anton and Chekhov’s Cherry Orchard. In August 2011 KPR took part in the 2nd Shitamachi Theater Festival (marking its 12th performance), and the following month hit the stage in Sapporo for its 13th show. In March 2012 the troupe won two prizes, the Award for Excellency and the Audience Award, at the Young Directors Contest 2011, held by the Japan Directors Association. In March 2012 the troupe is scheduled to perform the final instalment of Anton and Chekhov’s Cherry Orchard, its 14th performance, and in July the same year it plans to perform at the Kijimuna Festa 2012.


ASAHI ART SQUARE, Sumida City, Tokyo