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The Seventh Performance: My friend Hitler

  • Organization : Theatre Company Ort-d.d
  • Section : In Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


Tetsuya Murakami(Ort-d.d), Satoshi Mimura、Shiro Suzuki(A.C.O.A), Shinichi Yashiro(Hanagumishibai)

Written by: Yukio Mishima
Directed by: Koji Kurasako(Ort-d.d)
Visual direction:ROCCA WORKS
Lighting: Ayumi Kito
Stage direction: Tetsuya Hiromitsu
Director’s assistants: Hiroaki Ono、Narumi Iwatsubo
Stills: Yasushi Ogihara
Flyer design:Yuka Yamamoto


Theatre Company Ort-d.d
Began life as a production unit created by Koji Kurasako in 2000.
In March 2006 at the Tokyo International Arts Festival, it staged “Fuyu no Hanabi, Haru no Kareha” (“Winter Fireworks and the Fallen Leaves of Spring”), a production which was invited at BeSeTo Theater Festival in South Korea in September the same year.
In April 2007 it was formalized as a theater company with its base at Nishisugamo Sozosya.
From August 2007 it produced a series of productions for children at Nishisugamo Sozosya.
In November 2009, it was invited to the “Tokyo Stage” at the Asian Performing Arts Festival.
In 2010, company leader Kurasako was appointed as Associate Artist at Nishisugamo Sozosya.
In 2011 it produced and staged “The Blue Bird.”


Shimokitazawa Ekimae Theater, Setagaya City, Tokyo