What we do

Take a walk from another perspective

  • Organization : LLC Betsushiten
  • Section : Support for Citizen-led Cultural Activities
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


Events in the “Take a walk from another perspective” program will make taking a walk more fun.
Through quest-style walking games, walking tours, exhibitions and more, you can experience neighborhood charms as revealed through the various perspectives of local residents and “street observation mania” (geeks who enjoy finding forgotten places/objects of interest in the urban landscape). Themes include the “Street corner DIY perspective” designed to find traces of repair or improvement, and the “Art wall perspective” aimed at seeking out walls that resemble art.
Find fresh allure in the urban landscape by taking a walk with different “perspectives” under the elevated train tracks at Koenji Station.


【LLC Betsushiten】
A company employing a “mania” (geek) perspective for engaging in promotion/planning and the support of local community revitalization. Its principle activities include the organization of MANIA FESTA, a festival where a wide range of “mania” gather to express their respective viewpoints, and the “Betsushiten tour,” a bus tour in which “mania” from various genres guide visitors to unusual tourist destinations.


Hayato Kitsunai
Vice president
LLC Betsushiten
TEL: 090-3861-0560
FAX: 03-6800-1356


Under the elevated railway tracks of the Koenji area