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  • Section : International project
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


Taking as its theme the distilled spirit shochu, brought to Japan from Thailand via the Ryukyu Kingdom, this work focuses on the history of Ryukyu and its surroundings in the 15th century as a place that functioned as a window between Japan and the rest of Asia. Research was conducted in the Ryukyu Islands and Thailand based on the hypothesis that Okinawa remains the gateway to the world for Japan. Based on collaborative research with Mark Teh, this work is an opportunity to rediscover the history of Japan and the rest of Asia by recasting post-war modern Asian history. The theatrical version was slated to be presented in July 2020 at the Festival Theaterformen in Germany, but due to the impact of coronavirus it was shown online.
As a result of this change Yudai Kamisato created a new format for this his first online project, comprising three short pieces each in the form of audio, text, and video, which were streamed multiple times in trilogy format.

Playwright/Director: Yudai Kamisato
Research Collaborator: Mark Teh
Cast: Sumire Urata, Hikaru Morioka, Hideaki Washio, Jarunun Phantachat, Maiko Yamamoto


Yudai Kamisato
Yudai Kamisato is a playwright and director born in Lima, Peru in 1982. His father emigrated to Peru from Okinawa, Japan. In 2006, he became the youngest person ever to win the first prize in the TOGA Directors’ Competition for his staging of“Desire Caught by the Tail,”written by Pablo Picasso. In 2018, he won the 62nd Kishida Kunio Drama Award for“The Story of Descending the Long Slopes of Valparaíso”. His work as a writer has attracted increasing attention in recent years, with his scripts appearing in the literary magazine Shincho and translations of his plays receiving performances and readings in Seoul, Hong Kong, Taipei, and New York. From 2016-2017, he spent a year in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on a grant from the Agency for Cultural Affairs. He was also a junior fellow of The Saison Foundation from 2011-2016.

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July: Theaterformen (online), Braunschweig, Germany
December: special website of “KHAO KHAO CLUB ONLINE”, Jejak-旅Tabi Exchange (online)