What we do

The 3rd Japanese art festival

  • Organization : Japanese culture inheritance committee Mahoroba
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


This project will be conducted via online streaming.
The children will be instructed in three different types of entertainment (Hanagasa Ondo (Japanese dance), Ninja/Samurai, and street performance by children), and the pre-recorded video of the children’s performances and the video of the stage performances of Shamisen (Japanese traditional guitar), folk songs, and folk dances by professional performers will be distributed on January 11.
This project is named as “Entertainment Senju”, it will be recorded at the event space (Rojicoya) on January 11 with 12 professional street performers for two hours, and the performance will be streamed online, it will be free of charge via YouTube.


Japanese Culture Inheritance Committee Mahoroba
This association provides opportunities for families, mainly children, to become interested in and experience the Japanese culture. We help to deepen their understanding of the historical Japanese culture through many events. The purpose of this project is to provide a place where residents can feel a sense of attachment to their hometown, a place for parents and children to learn, and a place for the local community to interact.


Japanese Culture Inheritance Committee Mahoroba
3-2-3 Sekibara, Adachi-ku, Tokyo 123-0852


Jigenji Temple, Adachi City, Tokyo, Rojicoya, Adachi City, Tokyo