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Haruyuki Suzuki/Chamber Music PANORAMA ~Memory to malfunction~

  • Organization : CIRCUIT
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Music


Composer Haruyuki Suzuki’s works have taken multiple directions, making it hard to grasp a comprehensive picture of his oeuvre by listening to one piece. With that in mind we will present two works each from chamber music composed by Suzuki over the last twenty years and which exemplify four different directions: his Repetitive series, Punctuation series, Narrative music series and Telescopic series. This selection will give audiences a comprehensive overview of Suzuki’s work.

“Is This C’s Song?”
“Sedimentation-drifting ashore”
“Punctuation X”

Kazuhiro Kajihara
Ryuta Iwase
Erika Kawamura
Tomomi Ota
Gaku Yamada
Yoshu Kamei
Aki Kitajima
Yoji Sato


CIRCUIT/Haruyuki Suzuki
CIRCUIT profile
CIRCUIT was established to revitalize the music world by presenting Haruyuki Suzuki’s works to audiences both at home and abroad, but the aim going forward is to broaden awareness of other outstanding and exciting contemporary music in addition to works by Suzuki.
Haruyuki Suzuki profile
Born in Tokyo. He was awarded the 16th Irino Prize in 1995 for “Niju no Kagi” (“A Double Tour”). His interest in collaboration with other genres has seen him work with artists in fields including theater, art, and video. He also provides live musical accompaniment to silent movies. His works have been performed and broadcast at home and overseas.


Haruyuki Suzuki


December 16, 2020 Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall/Recital Hall, Shinjuku City, Tokyo