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Korea Japan Drama Exchange Vol.6

  • Organization : Korea Japan Drama Exchange Committee
  • Section : International project
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


The Korea Japan Drama Exchange Vol. 6 is an initiative in which the plays that win drama prizes in South Korea’s annual spring literary contests (Sinchunmunye) organized by Korean newspaper publishers are translated into Japanese and staged by theatrical professionals in Japan. With Atsuto Suzuki, Yu Yoshimura and Kim Seil playing key roles in the project, four works will be performed in theaters (“May it be different from today,” “Family Play,” “Torchlight,” and “A Day in the Life of kind teacher Amy”), and two will be streamed online (“To live this life again,” and “Retirement could be an honor.”


Korea Japan Drama Exchange Committee
A theater group connecting Japan and Korea. The purpose of the group’s Korea Japan Drama Exchange project for translating and staging winning works in Korea’s Sinchunmunye literary contest – the gateway to success for new writers in Korea – is to be the first to introduce works by writers who will lead Korean theater in future, to share the problems of modern society with audiences, and to think about the future of Japanese and Korean theater through the sharp eye that the winning works cast over society. Despite its modest scale, the Committee acts as a base for cultural exchange in Asia, playing a grassroots role in connecting Japanese and Korean theater professionals.


Atsuto Suzuki
Korea Japan Drama Exchange Committee


Pegasus Hall of Hokutopia, Kita City, Tokyo