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Wanowanokai Taikenkouza

  • Organization : Wanowanokai
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


Hands-on experience event
Nihon Buyo, Kotsuzumi, Yokobue, Koto, Shamisen

Number of sessions (per person/including presentations, etc.)
Nihon Buyo introductory course: 5 ×1.5-hour sessions (including time to change clothes), two performances (rehearsal plus actual performance)
Kotsuzumi introductory course: 6 × 1-hour sessions, two performances (rehearsal plus actual performance)
Yokobue introductory course: 6 × 1-hour sessions, two performances (rehearsal plus actual performance)
Shamisen introductory course: 6 × 1-hour sessions, two performances (rehearsal plus actual performance)
Koto introductory course: 4 × 1.5-hour sessions, two performances (rehearsal plus actual performance)

Principal instructors
Ayayuki Fujima (Nihon Buyo), Bokusei Mochizuki (Kotsuzumi), Takiwaka Mochizuki (Yokobue), Michiko Motoi (Koto), Fumiya Kineya (Shamisen).

Event features
The five courses will comprise hands-on sessions. As a general rule, participants should undertake all sessions per course.
Participants can create a daily timetable in order to take 2-3 courses. (Individual participants can take multiple courses without them overlapping.)
Having the well-known folk song “Sakura Sakura” as the set piece for each course will make it easier for first-timers to work on.
After completing the five courses, participants will present a performance at Asakusa Kenban, a place that participants would not normally come in contact with.
Presenting the set piece”Sakura Sakura,” played and acted by all participants, will give participants a sense of accomplishment in the enjoyment of performing as an ensemble, and not only in having taken the courses.
In addition, streaming of the performance will show those who could not participate due to scheduling issues all about the courses, and the fun participants had.
(One joint rehearsal for all five courses).

A framework enabling participants to continue with hands-on experience (practice) of traditional performing arts
We’re doing group activities of the same five courses in Taito City. After these courses ends, so it’s possible to continue and receive a practice. Each lecturer establishes a practice place respectively, so it’s possible to learn there.


Wanowanokai was devised and launched in 2012 together with various people involved in classical performing arts, with the intention of giving people the opportunity to become more familiar with these theatrical art forms beyond their respective boundaries. The group has performed four times in the past with performers in a variety of genres. In 2016, the group began club activities after its stage performance in local Taito-ku event “Examining Nagauta and Hayashi, and Japanese dance”. Wanowanokai began streaming on its own YouTube channel in 2020.


Miyuki Abe
48-26 Sakae Cho, Kita-Ku, Tokyo, 114-0005


Kanasugi City Residents’ Hall, Taito City, Tokyo
Asakusa Public Hall Meeting room, Taito City, Tokyo
Asakusakenban, Taito City, Tokyo