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KIWA Project

  • Organization : The Executive Committee of KIWA Project
  • Section : Support for Projects Offering Visions for the Future
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


KIWA Project focuses on the relationships between urban images and “constructed nature”. It aims to create platforms for creation and dialogue through observing those relationships from across the globe and with the Japanese perspective of “Fudo” (climate). The project emphasizes the exchange and dialogue between diverse peoples – people from different fields and positions and people with various types of perceptual characteristics.
“KIWA” means a spatial edge or boundary, but it also symbolizes an extreme moment in the metamorphosis of things. Inspired by the concept of the word “KIWA”, the project has involved developing audio-visual performances, workshop(s) and “KIWA dialogues”.

  • Audio visual performance “At the Kiwa”
    Co-creation between Public Projection and Hamon Performance
    Spatial images emerge between borrowed landscapes of skyscrapers and public projection onto the temple building. Hamon sounds intertwine with urban environmental sounds and digital soundscape. This audiovisual performance at the water garden reveals diverse boundaries between urban images and nature at the water’s edge in urban life.
    Public Projection: Tomoko Mukai, Hamon Performance: Sachiko Nagata, Sound Design: Ippei Ogura
  • Audio visual performance “Touching Kiwa”
    Co-creation between Panorama Projection and Hamon Performance
    Panorama projection used with “spontaneous nature” and “constructed nature” as motives, photographed in Japan and abroad, is realized in a round-shaped auditorium at the Bunyukaku recognized as the first temple-building as a passive house. Surrounded by the sounds of Hamon performance, the audience can feel encountering distant nature, as if travelling between real and imaginary landscapes.
    Panorama Projection: Tomoko Mukai, Hamon Performance: Sachiko Nagata
  • Online talk event “KIWA Dialogue”
    KIWA Dialogue is a talk event linking live talks from the venue with individually recorded video dialogues.
    Speakers: Takashi Serizawa, Tomoko Mukai, Yuri Yoshida, Video Appearances: Dr. Junji Watanabe, Dr. Clea T. Waite, Prof. Dr. Sven Hirsch.


【The Executive Committee of KIWA Project】
Led by Tomoko Mukai, who has been engaging with spatial projections and has presented them at various sites as cultural and historical hubs in local communities, the project members consist of different fields of artistic and scientific professionals from the twenties to seventies. They aim to create platforms for creation and dialogue with professionals inside and outside the project through crossing perspectives of art and science and transcending generations and cultures.


Minori Shimazaki (Programs) / Miki Osawa (PR)
Production Management and Editing / Production Management and Public Relations
The Executive Committee of KIWA Project
【Public relations】press@kiwa-project.org


Soto Zen Tochoji Temple, Shinjuku City, Tokyo