What we do

Arata Mino + Inunosenakaza “To Kuba” seisaku / koukai / syupppanwomegurusyashin / engekipurojekuto

  • Organization : Arata Mino + Inunosenakaza photo / theater production executive committee
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Interdisciplinary


This is a project to coproduce a collection of photography on Okinawan landscapes by photographer and stage writer Arata Mino. Organizers held lectures, symposiums and research on the history of Okinawan photography over eight months or so, and after the holding of a subsequent photography exhibition and studio performance at ANB Tokyo, the executive committee produced and published the photography collection “To/From Kuba.”

Principle staff members
Planning/production: Arata Mino, Inunosenakaza (Hiroki Yamamoto, Ippei Suzuki, Namake, h, Kouhei Kasai)
Photography/direction: Arata Mino
Spatial design: GROUP (Gaku Inoue, Takahiro Ohmura, Naoki Saitoh, Kumiko Natsumeda, Ken Akatsuka)
Construction: GROUP, Shouma Fujimura (studio hoho)
Web design: Kazuki Sugiura
Operations on the day: Chiaki Inoue, Yuuki Nakaya, Kouta Shiga, Inunosenakaza
Video: Megumi Fujita, Kouta Shiga, Arata Mino
Office manager: Kouhei Kasai (Inunosenakaza)
Accountant: Yasuki Kida


Arata Mino + Inunosenakaza photo / theater production executive committee

The organization Arata Mino + Inunosenakaza photo/theater production executive committee comprises Arata Mino, a photographer and stage writer, and Inunosenakaza, a collective focusing on creative expression through language. Our aim is to pose, share, explore, and give on-stage expression to a variety of questions through the joint production and publication of photography collections.
We explore how our artistic practices can provide people involved in collaborative production with an opportunity to tackle individual challenges while traversing their respective “roles” with ease.


ANB Tokyo, Minato City, Tokyo & On-line