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Art for Field Building in Bakuroyokoyama

  • Organization : Art Managers Lab.
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


Bakuroyokoyama is a textile wholesale district at the heart of old Edo which has changed at a dizzying pace. It is an historic wholesale district; a hub for creatives; a sightseeing base for travelers; a place where people live and work. This district of many faces is home to the newly opened shared office space MIDORI.so Bakuroyokoyama, an approach touted as the future of work. Using MIDORI.so Bakuroyokoyama as its base, Art Managers Lab is launching the project “Art for Field Building in Bakuroyokoyama.” Field building is the practice of connecting fragmented players in a given area of work to form relationships and develop a community. Organizers hope to connect people and weave new narratives in the Bakuroyokoyama neighborhood through art. Participating artists (Kaori ENDO, Haruka KUDO, Mei HOMMA) will uncover the area’s history and the potential of its people from their own perspectives, collecting the fruits of their encounters and research. They will apply their individual viewpoints to re-examine and explore in more depth the contemporary and universal narratives related to the neighborhood and its history, families and livelihoods, approaches to gender etc., in a bid to harvest the connections and relationships that live on in the area.


【Art Managers Lab.】
Art Managers Lab is a voluntary organization centering on art managers who take action towards the creation of a better future for the field of art. We are engaged in the creation of a mutually cooperative network for people involved in the field of art, regarding art managers as people who support diverse cultural and artistic activities and inspire new acts of creative expression.


Kaoru Kumagai
Art Managers Lab.


MIDORI.so Bakuroyokoyama