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The Intersection Of Universes

  • Organization : Shu Isaka
  • Section : International project
  • Type of Grant Program : Single Individual
  • Art Forms : Visual Art / Media Art


Shu Isaka, a filmmaker, and Benjamin Efrati, a media artist, conducted fieldwork in the lakes and limestone caves of the Jura Mountains in the Jura department of France, while dealing with the situation of the novel coronavirus disaster, and co-produced a game application using the data obtained. In the production process, we used 3D scanning software, game engines, VR, brainwave sensors, drones, etc., to search for the uncertain aspects and latent structures in the relationship between the environment created by technology and the people facing that environment, and to create a virtual “terroir” that appears through digital representations.Based on this concept, we were able to create a foundation for creating a place for international collaboration to think about how we can live and create with a critical perspective on society and civilization supported by technology.


Shu Isaka
Videographer.Isaka attempts to depict the unexplainable processes in the causal relationships of various incidents using virtual methods. Isaka also cites existing knowledge and discourses about each region as a medium for incidents that have happened or will happen there. So far, concepts related to geological and geographical conditions, risk communication, urban legends, urban planning, and architecture have been involved.


Shu Isaka


Le Gare, Lengon, France