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Contemporary Horn Recital “Q.” the 3rd -CORNO AFTER CORONA!-

  • Organization : Kei Kondo
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single Individual
  • Art Forms : Music


Kei Kondo hosted a horn recital with a program solely consisting of contemporary pieces. Commissioned to provide new works as well as revised versions of works were Takashi Tokunaga, Masamichi Kinoshita, Kazutaka Monden, Jun Ishikawa, Mayuko Kawasaki, and Takahiro Kuroda. The recital also featured the first performance in four years of a work by Junmei Suzuki which premiered in November 2016. The program comprised unaccompanied pieces for horn by a total of seven Japanese composers, performed by Kei Kondo.


Kei Kondo
Born in 1989 in Tokyo. Kondo focuses on performing contemporary pieces for horn.
He has appeared in concerts including the Seiji Kanazawa Tenor Recital: Benjamin Britten’s Canticles, a concert with Daryl Jamieson’s woodwind quintet, and the Aichi University of the Arts Doctoral Concert. As “genius thinker bot,” he frequently posts Twitter videos showing the results of practical research into special horn playing techniques, including those using the natural horn.


Kei Kondo


Hokutopia, Kita City. Tokyo