What we do

Art to ______

  • Organization : LLC Betsushiten
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


Art to ______ (pronounced and read as “Art to Space”)
What are the objectives and outcomes of art? This is an event designed to help you find out and decide. “Space” has the double meaning of blank space and the cosmos.
This event will enable you to understand the choices and the results of those choices vis-a-vis how we can have contact with art in our lives.

By introducing the activities of pioneers, by introducing works by students, and through interaction and exchange between pioneers and students, event participants will experience for themselves how art fills in the space (the blanks) in each of us, and what sort of space (universe of possibilities) each of us will connect to through art.


Betsushiten designs activities and events for seeing things from a new angle in Japan. It runs “Betsushiten tours” (“Another Perspective” tours) around offbeat and unusual locations, organizes MANIA FESTA, an event attracting all kinds of Japan-wide “mania” (geeks), and offers the walk-focused program “Take a walk from another perspective.”


Shigenobu Matsuzawa
LLC Betsushiten
Nihonbashi Horidomecho,1-7-11,Chuo-ku,Tokyo 103-0012
Tel: +81-(0)3-6876-8615
E-mail: info@betsushiten.com