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Rice Power Jam - Ha! 2021

  • Organization : Rice Power Jam Executive Committee
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Music


Hachioji’s first regular jazz festival, utilizing local concert halls, a variety of facilities, parks, cafes and eateries in the city.

1 Main stage
Tokyo-chutei-iki (from Tokyo), Rooftop Camels (from Hokkaido), Hikari Ichihara & Mayuko Katakura (from Tokyo), Special Quartet from Kanagawa (Mayuko Katakura (p), Hironobu Saito (g), Pat Glynn (b), Ryo Shibata(ds)), Shinya Fukumori (from Germany) & Koichi Sato

2-1WelcomePark concert; Jazz cafe in the Warehouse
Hachioji All stars, Hosei University New Orange Swing Orchestra, Soka University Prince Mercy Jazz Orchestra

2-2 Jazz Cruise in city cafes
Coffee club Den (Shigeru Sawamura (p), Naohiko Amatatsu (fl)), Kuragohan (Kohei Kawanami (vo), Takashi Amano (g)), Sakuraya coffee (Pokokceri), Park Side CafeBasel (tah!), CHAI-YO! (Funky・Duo), Kanetaya (Nikatsusanders)

3 Main stage video streaming


Rice Power Jam Executive Committee
The Executive Committee was formed on February 4, 2020. On August 8 the same year, the first Rice Power Jam – Ha! was held at Hachioji City Art & Cultural Hall, Tokyo. An expanded second edition of the festival was held in August the following year. The committee has been quick to promote the excellence of Japan’s homegrown jazz to the scene, inviting artists who have been remarkably successful in recent years as well as promising newcomers, all selected under the professional eye of festival staff with experience in jazz criticism and production, as well as inviting regional talent with little media presence.


Hiroshi Shigemori
Rice Power Jam Executive Committee
2-21-7, Kita Kunitachi-City, Tokyo 186-0001


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