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Building an archive and holding a symposium to promote barrier-free screening

  • Organization : Joint company Chupki
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


This project comprised the building of an archive to promote barrier-free screening, and the creation of an information website that anyone can access. Organizers also held a symposium on the theme of promoting barrier-free screening including the use of archives, and the future possibilities. Invited to take part in the discussion were Megumi Mizuki, Deputy Representative of City Lights, an organization promoting barrier-free filmgoing, as well as actor for the barrier-free theater association Bakkari Bakkari; Shoko Yamagami, President & CEO of Palabra, Inc. which develops and markets UDCast, a barrier-free movie-viewing assistance app, and also produces made-to-order subtitles and audio guides for movies shown at small independent “mini-theaters”; and film director Shinichi Ise of Ise Film, who has proactively started working on making his own films accessible and barrier-free.


【Joint company Chupki】
A movie theater established by the City Lights, a barrier-free movie-watching promotion organization that has been creating movie-watching environments for the visually impaired since 2001, collecting funds in 2016. Japan’s first universal theater that provides not only visually impaired people, but also hearing impaired people, developmentally disabled people, wheelchair users, customers with small children, and other people with various disabilities to watch movies with peace of mind. Produce audio guides and Japanese subtitles for movies, and conduct universal screenings every day. We also hold seminars and workshops on a regular basis.


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