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Moon Art Night Shimokita

  • Organization : Startbahn, Inc.
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


Moon Art Night Shimokita will feature several installations, including ones by international artists who will exhibit in Japan for the first time. A total of 56 local stores and facilities will participate in the festival, offering originally-designed stamp rallies and limited menu items created in collaboration with “Metaani,” a popular 3D Japanese avatar. The festival is made to enhance Shimokitazawa’s as a hub of creativity and community engagement, through co-creation and collaborations between artists and local businesses. Visitors will be able to rediscover the charm of Shimokitazawa’s area by touring the neighborhood through exhibitions and giant public art installations, and participate in a special stamp rally of digital artworks and NFTs that can only be obtained on-site at the festival.


【Startbahn, Inc.】
Startbahn is a leading Japanese art tech company aiming to enrich society by providing the technology needed by artists and those involved in art and creative industries around the world. Startbahn operates Startrail, a sustainable and scalable blockchain infrastructure that assures the reliability, authenticity, and traceability of artworks—from physical works such as paintings, sculptures, and installations, to digital works based on data such as images, video, and audio. To ensure easy access to Startrail, Startbahn provides a suite of products, including a web application, APIs, and NFC tags for physical objects. Startrail is currently in use by major galleries, e-commerce platforms, art fairs, collectors, artists, and foundations.


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The entire Shimokita Senrogai District (BONUS TRACK, SRR Project Space, ADRIFT, Shimokita Senrogai Akichi), Kitazawa Hachiman Shrine (Tokyo), etc.