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Explat (Non-Profit Organization) & bench (General Incorporated Association)
Art Manager Mentorship Program “Battery”

  • Organization : Specified Nonprofit Organization Explat
  • Section : Project for improvements in the creative environment
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


Explat implemented a year or so-long mentorship program “Battery” which focused on producers in the field of performing arts (art managers, producers, coordinators, etc.), as well as producers and freelancers involved in theater and dance companies, etc. By utilizing as its locus the very field the mentee is currently tackling/working in, and supported by the experience and network of the mentoring team, the aim of the program was to nurture talent to help lead to sustainable activities and a dynamic future. In addition to regular mentoring by a team of mentors and mentees, the program also featured regular debriefings involving dialog between all project members, as well as lectures open to the public. Finally, all participants came together in Tokyo to close the year’s activities with a “Last Pitch.”


Specified Nonprofit Organization Explat
Formed in 2015. With the aim of contributing to the realization of a working environment enabling specialized arts-related personnel, in particular performing arts producers, to take pride in their work, be healthy in mind and body, and continue doing what they do as their lifework, Explat’s business is designed to provide training opportunities for specialists and improve their working environment. Through wide-ranging efforts to raise awareness of professionals who connect art with society and widespread promotion and education regarding the importance of their roles, the aim is to revitalize all artistic activities and contribute to the development and advancement of culture and the arts, as well as to the promotion of the resulting benefits for society as a whole.


Specified Nonprofit Organization Explat
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