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June Bride・Ophelia

  • Organization : Sansantaru Gosan
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


A theatrical performance devised by an illustrator/director whose work focuses on the portrayal of girls, and a scriptwriter who pursues the feminine in her work. Through the character of Ophelia, celebrated as a tragic heroine, the work examines how the “girl” has been recognized and recorded and her image pursued in society from the past to the present.

Script written by: Aoi Tsukimori (Sansantaru Gosan)
Directed by: Moe Totsuka (Sansantaru Gosan)
Stage design: Totetsu Meguri (Sansantaru Gosan)
Lighting: Aika Otaka
Sound: Sakyo Shiraga
Stage assistant: Tamami Kobayashi
Production: Rion Arai (Sansantaru Gosan), Mizuki Aihara (Sansantaru Gosan), Shizuru Kishinami
Performed by: Shintaro Matsuura, Hiroo Akiyama, Sakina Hatanaka


Sansantaru Gosan
A lighthearted assemblage which organizes theatrical performances, painting exhibitions, etc. Group members handle scriptwriting, direction, art and design, and management. The members, who once engaged with society as “girls,” concoct fantasy-oriented stories with a slightly dark worldview under the theme of the “girl.”


Sansantaru Gosan


Shinjuku Ophthalmologist(Ganka) Gallery Space Undergraound, Shinjuku City, tokyo