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Magosaburou Koten Shougekijou “Tsubosaka Reigen ki” -The tale of miraculous efficacy in Tsubosaka-

  • Organization : Public Interest Incorporated Foundation YOUKIZA
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Japanese Traditional Art


The second installment of the Magosaburou Koten Shougekijou performance series, designed by Magosaburou YOUKI, XII to give audiences a real taste of the delights of marionette theater in a small theater space. This latest performance once again allowed audiences to fully enjoy the allure of the classics and the sense of immediacy that can only be experienced in a small theater, where the thrill of puppetry can be savored up-close.

This was an invigorating production that made use of contemporary techniques within the framework of tradition; it featured the prominent female gidayu (traditional puppet theater music) performer Ayanosuke TAKEMOTO as tayu (singer/narrator) together with a shamisen and a tsure attendant, and also created the look of the time through a combination of classical aspects and digital images in the form of video that was well received at the last performance being projected onto the stage background.

Performers: Magosaburou YOUKI, XIII, Senyuu RYOUKAWA, III, Aki YUMOTO, Emi OOURA
Gidayu: Ayanosuke TAKEMOTO
Shamisen: Tsugahana TSURUZAWA

Composition/supervision: Jun TANAKA, Senyuu RYOUKAWA

Stage design: Tomoyuki IKEDA
Lighting: Keiichi OOYA
Video: Masahiro HAMAJIMA
Stage Manager: Junichi TAKAHASHI
YOUKIZA stage staff member: Yasuaki ONUKI


Public Interest Incorporated Foundation YOUKIZA
The Marionette Theater YOUKIZA was founded in 1635 by Youki Magosaburō I; to the present time of Youki Magosaburō XIII, the company has enjoyed a history of 385 years.
Its main activities are classical productions drawn from its jōruri repertory and new plays, magic lantern shows, and intercultural productions. Their experimental productions include actor-puppet performance, in which the puppeteer both manipulates puppets and performs as a character himself; the application of premodern puppetry techniques; and the insertion of Edo magic lantern visuals. The Youkiza continually seeks to develop and combine new aspects to enhance their distinctive performance style.


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